• Application Development methodology is developed by following ISO, CMM, and CMMI standard processes.more...
  • Application Development methodology is developed by following ISO, CMM, and CMMI standard processes.more...

DPS-Geo Spatial

See Customer Behavior through a Value Based Lens

Telecom Markets are saturating. Expansion of Operations and Customer Acquisition is no longer the only trick of the game. Telecom Operators now have to identify which customers add the most value to the bottom line and then direct focus towards the acquisition and retention of such customers. This concept is called Customer Value Development. Using the Digital Processing System, CVD Data Mart, this concept can be brought into practice.

The DPS CVD Data Mart is developed and ready to deploy Telecom Business Intelligence Solution focused on a special KPI set focused on Customer Value Development. CVD Data Mart provides our customers with analytics and insight that can lead the way towards achievement development of customer value in mature markets.

With a deployment time of 6 to 8 weeks, our customers can start reaping benefits from Customer Value Development, fairly quickly. Adoption of Customer Value Development promises access to Returns immediately once the minor investment in Value Development is made.

Supported Platforms

      • Geo Spatial, Version 2.0 is ready to run and fully supports Oracle Database 11g R2,Oracle Weblogic 11g R1,Oracle Linux 5.5. or 6/ Oracle Solaris 11, Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud * Recommended
      • OWB, ODI, OBI, Oracle APPS, Oracle Spatial and Graph, Oracle Maps

Capabilities of the Proposed CVD Data Mart

The DPS proposed CVD data mart is aligned with the complete concept of “Customer Value Development”. The basis for the DPS perception and conceptualization of the CVD Data Mart has come after studying and understanding the Zain strategic direction and the current markets and environment that Zain operates in.

At a very high level, DPS CVD Mart supports the following three main objectives of CVD by providing data consolidation and analysis capabilities:

  1. 1- Increase Customer Base by reducing churn
  2. 2- Improve ARPU by enabling insight into random usage, multiple SIM usage, etc.
  3. 3- Improving efficiency through achieving value based development of customers solution is that of a stepped elaboration and detail. The users of CVD are provided the choice of viewing summarized reports as well as detailed analysis. The CVD Data Mart supports the following basic metrics in the summarized, dashboard view. This is a basic list of KPIs which will be refined as per Zain needs and requirements.

A Summarized View

The CVD Data Mart is based on the recommended metric set that is essential for the purposes of Customer Value Development capability achievement. The approach to this set of KPIs and their analysis adopted by DPS in the proposed

Detailed Analytics

As mentioned earlier, CVD Data Mart aims at empowering Zain Business Users by provided measurement and analysis capability at different levels of detail. Drill-Down functionality allows the users to focus on key metrics and focus KPIs and break them down even further for performing more detailed and even statistical analysis. There are several examples of detailed analytics that will be provided through the CVD Data Mart. These will be grouped as:

    • Campaigns
    • Gross Adds
    • Gross Adds Cohorts
    • ULCH Cohorts
    • Customer Base
    • Traffic Split
    • Churners

Sample Detailed Metrics in CVD Data Mart

The CVD Data Mart provides the business users to go to in-depth analysis of specific and focused metrics and KPIs.