• Application Development methodology is developed by following ISO, CMM, and CMMI standard processes.more...
  • Application Development methodology is developed by following ISO, CMM, and CMMI standard processes.more...

Bill Presentment & Payment Portal (BillP3)

BillP3 [Bill Presentment & Payment Portal] is a web-based application that provides consolidated bill presentment and analysis solution to telecom companies.  BillP3 is based on latest technologies with required flexibility and agility to provide competitive advantage to our customers. BillP3 provides call level detail viewing, call details management, bill presentment, bill analysis and online bill payment features to the subscribers of Telecom Companies. It allows subscribers to get full visibility and control on their usage and cost and thus enabling them to use telecom services smartly.

BillP3 uses Enterprise Service Bus technology to integrate with Billing System of our customer to provide its users with the capability to view, analyze, and perform payments against bills for services used in different Operating Companies by different subscribers under the contract (s) of the corporate users of the BillP3.

Aim of BillP3 is to facilitate individual and corporate mobile users to analyze their call data, produce reports based on usage and spending and payment of their bills online using debit and credit card. Also it provides facility to corporate users to manage their subscriber’s information and apply amount limit to their monthly bill.

BillP3 is a product and thus there stands a limitation to the detail and extent of customer specific requirements that can be incorporated in the core product. This leads to the need of keeping track of customer specific requirements and formalizing the approved features set for every set of deployment of BillP3. This aims at ensuring that particular deployment scope as well as the core product are both protected.

Subscribers Management

Corporate users can sort their subscribers in different groups or departments. This feature provides them facility to split their bills, analyze usage and spending, generate reports and call marking as business/personal for individuals as well as groups or departments.

The proposed system includes a module that performs user management. The application allows creation of new users and assignment of different rights to the users. Further to this the application also allows for monitoring user activity over the different areas of the application. Different access policies are allowed to be implemented using the application.

Bill Presentment & Analysis

BillP3 provides its users with the capability to flexibly modify the presentation of the bill and related information. Further to this, different analysis tools are available which provide break-up of the bill into constituent services. The application provides the users to view graphs and charts to understand usage trends better and understand distribution of the usage against different regions along with analysis based on detailed parameters.

Call Data Analysis [Call Tagging]

Call Data analysis gives more control to its users to identify events (International, local, roaming calls and GPRS usage) which results in increasing their mobile expenses. Also they can mark calls as business and personal. Business calls will be paid by the corporate and personal by the subscribers themselves (depending on corporate rules).


Billing reports provides reporting solution for business customers that empower both individual users and business managers to analyze and understand their cost and usage by viewing different reports. Instead of going through all call details one by one and then performing analysis, users can view report at a click of a mouse. Graphical, chart-based reporting helps to interpret data in business terms. Reports will help customers to better understand there spending and usage.

BillP3 provides its users with the ability to keep a close eye on the Mobile Service usage trends from activity / usage done across different OpCos , all through one dashboard screen. Additionally, the system provides the capability of viewing different reports that provide a ready insight into the different trends and statistics related to billing under the user contract(s). The following is a list of features that are available in the BillP3:

    • View out-of-the-box reports
    • Customize Reports
    • Create new Reports
    • View / modify / add graphs and charts

BillP3 comes will powerful analysis and reporting functionality. BillP3 has summarized and very user friendly dash boards.

Split Billing

Monthly bills can be split based on groups or departments as well as Personal and Business calls. This facilitate corporate customers to pay bill amount partially (only pay approved limit by the company) rest could be paid by the subscribers.

Combined Billing

Combined billing facilitates users to pay their bills in bulk for all subscribers under one corporate account.

Customized Invoice Templates

Operator can define invoice templates using easy to use template design application. Also template can be assigned to corporate or individual accounts based on their requirements e.g. split bill based on departments or groups and by Business and personal calls etc.

Bill Request

Paper-based billing is an intricate and time-consuming process that involves printing account statements, stuffing them into envelopes (along with appropriate advertising inserts and other marketing materials), and sorting for mailing. Online bill viewing facility over the internet is less expensive and speedier delivery infrastructure. Service providers can send notices to customers via email, and bills can be viewed securely online, there is no paper involved on either end. This saves valuable natural resources.

There is no need to keep up with paper copies of your bills. Historical bill records are available online for a year or longer, so you can go back and review past bills for tax or other purposes. You may also be able to download bills (PDF). Customer can view their bills anywhere in the world. Customer can view there bill according to their own need .They can define bill statements as per their needs and requirements.

Online Payment

With online bill payment facility users can pay their bill from anywhere in the world with easy payment methods like debit and credit card. BillP3 allows its users to pay their respective bills coming from using Zain Services across different OpCos centrally through the internet based application. The bill payments are proposed to be conducted meeting the highest and latest standards of security for Plastic Cards usage over the internet. The transactions are proposed to be secured through VeriSign.

Further to this the customer will be able to view previous payments and generate different receipts and bill layouts / receipts for their own record. The following is a list of different features with regards to bill payment that are available in the system:


    • The system allows for the online payment of contract level / contract level bills.
    • While doing online payment, the user views:
      • Subscriber number
      • Name
      • Credit limit
      • Current payable
      • Payment amount
    • The user can modify the amount to be paid.
    • The user can view payment history, and make online payments through the view history page.
    • The system supports integration with payment gateways for payments through credit cards as well as debit cards.

Address Book

Corporate as well as individual users (subscribers) can maintain their address book with information like name of the caller, email, fax etc.

This feature provides facility to display dialed caller name and address on invoice instead of his/her mobile number to easily identify dialed caller information.

Contract Hierarchy

Corporate can maintain their subscribers information in categories or groups so that they easily identify that which employee or person is using which SIM number.  This facility helps in split billing.