• Application Development methodology is developed by following ISO, CMM, and CMMI standard processes.more...
  • Application Development methodology is developed by following ISO, CMM, and CMMI standard processes.more...

BI and DW

DPS Kuwait team is expert at accumulation huge bulk of data, and preserving it accurately and turning it in to effective and useful information in efficient and cost effective manner. This useful data helps you in taking important business decisions and on the basis of this data provided you can build the future lines for your organization. DPS Kuwait has successfully provided its customers with well organized and effective DW solutions, using which important information can be available at the required time and can furnish you with the basic information to take decisions.

DPS Kuwait’s Business Intelligence Solution helps organizations in a wide range of industries influence business-critical information the first and most important step in making decisions that are intellectual, critical, and in time. Our Data Warehousing solutions help you to access analyze and share data from distinct sources and data is made available to you.

DPS Kuwait has a reliable and successful Business Intelligence providing record. The list of successful Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing projects makes it obvious; through our experience we have gain Business Intelligence expertise that comprises domain knowledge, methodologies, technologies and tools. Our wide range customers rely on our services for there successful functionality.

DPS Kuwait is expert at providing the following BI and DW solutions:

    • Business Intelligence consulting
    • Customized business intelligence solutions
    • Application Management
    • Master Data management Services

Business Intelligence Consulting

DPS Kuwait provided business intelligence services are highly flexible and efficient, short cycled, analytical, and our evaluation processes provides our client with the program and solution that can be implemented at various life cycle stages. BI solutions provides the client with the best possible way to asses the problems in time and then develop a practical and reliable solution for that problem and the implementing that. And we deliver our client with the solution using which user can be fully aware of the decision making process and implementing the provided program in the right direction. Our prime services include:

    • BI tools standardization
    • BI readiness Assessment
    • Data Quality
    • Data mart consolidation
    • Dash board assessment
    • Single-version-of-truth

Customized Business Intelligence solutions

DPS Kuwait designed BI Development Services can provide you to construct a comprehensive business intelligence solution or a data warehousing solution. We first collect full requirement of the client and then analyze the requirements provided to us and then develop BI/DW solution exactly according to the requirements. Our prime services include:

    • BI Architecture Design
    • BI Security
    • Data Modeling
    • ETL Strategy
    • Analytical Reporting
    • Performance Management
    • Metadata Management

Application Management

The Application Management services support a BI/DW implementation through rest of its lifecycle and include services such as:

    • Monitoring
    • Enhancements
    • 24*7 production Support

Data Management Services

Significant business processes like sales, marketing, procurement, and customer services requires an incorporated, reliable, consistent and single source of data access the enterprise. Having excessive control to enterprise data is a vital factor for success and growth, revenue generation and achieving targets in cost effective manner. DPS Kuwait data management services help its clients to create a integrated and consistent view of customers, hence improving customer services, supply chain and partner management.

DPS Kuwait offers following in this area:

    • MDM Readiness Assessment Services
    • MDM Data Quality Assessment and Governance Services
    • MDM Implementation Services